Finding a Position as a Computer Game Tester

by: Ken Hawes  January 27, 2014

Almost everyone enjoys video gaming.  Video games aren't  limited any more to cumbersome systems that you just simply cannot bring along on an airline flight.  If somebody chooses to have fun playing computer games, these individuals choose mobile gaming equipment such as PSP Vita, or perhaps their own android operating system smartphones/tablets.

The limitations connected with personal home entertainment as well as video gaming have essentially changed over time. This is definitely fantastic news, due to the fact that this ensures that careers including positions as a computer game tester and evaluator will surely continue to be strong over the next 5 to 10  years at least.  In the event that the ascending trend throughout the personal video gaming market  stays the same in the coming years, acquiring a position as a video game evaluator  will not  be problematic in the least.

Many people who happen to be searching for a course of action enabling them to get into the video game industry often consider a career as a computer game tester is a simple way into the field.  It is typically straightforward to get involved in, particularly given that there have been a great number of independently owned video game companies obtaining funding from VC's, or venture capitalists.

This is applicable most significantly to startups, who happen to be concentrating primarily on mobile or portable gaming. The industry of PC video games has continued to develop, and is routinely implementing subscription-based as well as freemium business models. Suffice to say, if you would like join in on this opportunity and find a job as a computer game tester a lot quicker, independently owned startups are generally more easily accessible as compared to major, corporate-type  computer gaming companies.

Should you wish to become a successful computer game tester, you will need to give consideration to the following:

  1.    Computer video game evaluation definitely does not involve goofing off!   As reported by top rated QA professionals as well as lead administrators, brand-new personnel who believe that they're just having fun with video games for quick and easy cash will not likely go very far in the profession.

Video game companies may well be creating game titles that consumers find enjoyable and fun, however, when you happen to be on the inside of the industry itself, it’s practically all business. Therefore, as soon as you do accept employment as a computer game tester, educate yourself on the organization's culture and handle your work seriously and with respect.  You aren't in that position in order to make easy money - you happen to be there for the purpose of quality assurance.

  2.    Computer game testers need to have reliable skills.  An individual can not  simply walk right into a video game studio  and assume everyone's  jaws will drop due to the fact you are able to play the game Modern Warfare Three like a seasoned professional.

You will find quite literally thousands of gamers such as yourself who've got  equivalent video gaming abilities.

The abilities that the qualified video game specialist should already have happen to be focused on evaluation and attention to detail.  Additionally he or she must have persistence and determination since it will involve working on issues frequently over the time period of several months.

You shouldn't  anticipate that getting thrilling video game titles to test will totally outweigh the work aspects of testing. The gaming company is not  focused on attempting to keep you amused. Its going to be very much interested in the actual bug/error assessments you happen to be submitting as work moves forward routinely on your present assignment.

  3.    As soon as  you ultimately find the job of a computer game tester, take advantage of the practical experience and gain knowledge from the working environment… However do not  establish your self as entirely happy to be an effective video game tester only.

Assuming it is  tenure plus additional income that you really want (who actually isn't going to desire those things?) you will need to begin obtaining certifications to show your supervisors that there is tangible justification to actually advance you.  If you're unable to acquire the professional advancement that you would like with your present employer, the accreditations along with training that you should be obtaining as a computer game tester will certainly support you extremely well with other organizations.