Video Game Tester Jobs at Home -
 Are They Legitimate?

by: Chris Noblitt   February 2, 2014

If you are living in the usa, you can actually find employment which permits off-site accessibility to an available gaming title which needs ongoing QA (quality assurance) evaluation. Game tester jobs at home do exist and are out there.

Having said that, these types of job opportunities are likely to be hard to find and, in many instances, video gaming companies and designers often would rather have most people on-site as the quality assurance assessment is moving forward, allowing you to work together with various other testing and assessment team members.

Several video game makers, such as Blizzard, will often roll-out gaming programs to receive beta testing.   Some game tester jobs at home become available when a bug analysis strategy is put into place and a suitable limited number of qualified gamers, or super gamers,” are provided accessibility to a "not-ready-for-prime-time"  edition of a forthcoming video game.

As soon as the testing mission hits certain benchmarks, beta accessibility to that game is reduced, and just individuals who've registered while in the brief beta evaluation timeframe can continue to play the game and document whatever glitches may pop up. Bug monitoring is often very challenging using this kind of quality assurance model, however, it actually results in  the gaming studio receiving valuable feed-back straight from the company's target market.

Just about anyone can easily register online for these types of beta launches, and it's not a bad idea to do so to get used to the concept of practicing to uncover glitches.  Having said that, these are not necessarily game tester "jobs" and you ought not look for any type of  payment when simply engaged in an experimental trial run associated with a brand-new video game. It's great training, and the practical experience will unquestionably sharpen your abilities. But bear in mind, the genuine employment opportunities will most certainly be found on-site. By and large  you've got to be inside a business workspace or game testing facility to successfully function as a professional game tester.

At this point, many of you will probably be asking yourself:  how come computer gaming organizations continue to employ game testing personnel when they're able to launch beta editions and receive bug reports straight from potential buyers?


Research regarding revenue, efficiency and performance throughout the video game sector has revealed on the whole that video game titles which have received the advantage of a strict quality assurance strategy are generally superior when it comes to level of quality, consumer satisfaction, and reduction of  bugs.

In a nutshell, organizations who commit to finding high quality testing team members are likely to generate much more income in the long run.  Game companies fully understand this situation, therefore they do not offer game tester jobs at home or hire QA personnel "on-the-cheap", they are willing to offer game tester jobs on site and pay well for quality employees.  In the final analysis, the QA (quality assessment) team is the actual last line of defense to protect against video game-ruining glitches and problems in the software programs.

Video game titles are fundamentally computer programs, consisting of thousands and thousands of lines of code. The possibility for anomalies and significant glitches tends to be extremely high.

Video game corporations absolutely need committed staff members who can concentrate on this one particular component of development. Game software coders/programmers, graphical design specialists, and many other participants in the development workforce certainly encounter their unique difficulties and issues. Quality assurance is simply too massive a process to be assigned solely to other members of the development team. There must be an independent professional community of qualified individuals whose only responsibility is to detect and document bugs.

For anyone who is sincere about acquiring a game tester job at home, you should make contact with the closest video gaming studio in your area.  You most likely will begin with less responsible tasks.  These will develop and hone your skills and help you to acquire the essential practical experience before you apply for a career with one of the larger video game organizations.