How to Be a Game Tester

by: Christine Lanigan  February 9, 2014

Game testing is without a doubt a unique discipline within the video gaming community, and the question of how to be a game tester is very important considering that the profession supports a specialized variety of  techniques, and game tester personnel are required to utilize these comprehensive strategies to make certain that the beta version video game they processed does indeed wind up as bug-free as it possibly can be ahead of its final release into the marketplace.

You will find there is a fairly unprofessional misunderstanding that video game testing is actually more to do with lounging around on some sort of comfy couch enjoying fantastic computer gaming all the while getting paid a pile of money for taking it easy.  We  want to be sure to take this occasion to put to rest this enormously erroneous misconception about the video gaming business and, in particular, the profession of being a game tester.

The fact is, video game testing or quality assurance evaluation is without a doubt considered incredibly important and, to be honest, considering the substantial level of competition in this field of electronic game development, you definitely should recognize the great importance of the work done by game testers if you desire to get anywhere on this particular career path.

Evaluating quality via game testing makes certain that fatal glitches and anomalies in the video game programming do not greatly reduce the enjoyment and entertainment of the game purchasers (for self-evident reasons). The most significant revenue stream for independent video game manufacturers as well as larger vendors continues to be sales.

A good solid video game corporation that spends vast amounts of money to create a series of brand-new gaming titles will need to safeguard its financial investment.  In the event that customers are convinced that a video game is far too buggy in order to be completely usable, unquestionably the investment funds of the company would be greatly jeopardized, as well as its grip on the marketplace.

This reality reveals precisely how all-important quality evaluation and assurance is. There absolutely is no substitution for getting it done;  But remember, you will find there is no scarcity of individuals who are searching for information on how to become a game tester and would like to get into the video gaming business sector as professionals, therefore you really have to become skilled and knowledgeable yourself.

Listed below are some fundamental suggestions that we recommended you always remember if you would like to know how to be a game tester and emerge at the top in this industry:


  1.          Acquire the necessary skill set. Basically, a video game company will not choose to hold on to or even hire a game tester who does not acquire the critical expertise needed to identify and record software glitches.  You can actually enroll in courses in order to develop such abilities under the mentoring of seasoned programmers or evaluators;  this approach is most likely one of the most effective strategies. On the other hand, it is possible to acquire a great deal of practical abilities simply by gaining knowledge from on the job training.

  2.          Always be focused on the mission whenever you are testing/assessing video games. You'll certainly be provided plenty of instruction prior to starting however, all things considered, it will be the assortment and total of  legitimate video game glitches you discover and document (if they are indeed there) that will, no doubt sustain you in this industry.

Not surprisingly, that is the way video game makers and corporations appraise the productivity of a game tester, by observing the volume of software errors he or she can recognize and record. This could possibly appear to be a superficial industry-standard, and lots of individuals could possibly end up being unhappy with the idea. Unfortunately we cannot  alter the basic facts... video game  firms expect bug reports, and plenty of them.

  3.         You ought to be prepared to deal with the blow-back. You will probably encounter instances when the software systems programming department of the company will be unable to correct each and every glitch that you may find.  Occasionally, the design and development segment of the company  will try to pin the blame on the quality assessment department for errors that have some how found their way to the test phase or final product  launch.  It's important to prepare properly and research thoroughly how to be a game tester to really have success in this career.